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You must have heard of or have seen screenshots of images reading ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. So I am here with all the information about the most trending game of the presesnt time, PUBG!!!

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. It is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a competitive survival shooter game. PUBG is now being developed by PUBG Corp, a Bluehole subsidiary company in cooperation with Brendan Greene (PLAYERUNKNOWN) as the Creative Director, PUBG is Greene’s first standalone game.

Into the game


  • Players are dropped into a wide, open area.
  • They fight to the death – with all battlefield shrinks.

Talking in numbers

  • Each match pits about 100 people against each other
  • Some of them can be in teams, while others will be going it alone.
  • Winners receives prestigious ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’ title,
  • It adds to their in-game currency allowing them to purchase cosmetic items.

On the killing spree

  • There is a special zombie-focused mode, it follows a similar pattern.
  • Killing off another player cuts down on your competition
  • It also offers you the opportunity to grab some loot.
  • Your character can only carry around a limited amount of gear, so choose wisely.

Tip from the author

 Is it better to stick with your current 9mm pistol, or hold out hope that you’ll be able to find ammo for a found 12 gauge shotgun?

BATTLEGROUNDS is running on Unreal Engine 4, players take on the Battle Royale experience on a 8×8 km map called “Erangel.” BATTLEGROUNDS is a good balance between Arma 3 and H1Z1.

A good competition for Battle Royale

  • The game is a take on the Battle Royale (or H1Z1: King of the Kill, or The Hunger Games) concept .
  • In Battle Royale- a number of people are released onto an island, last person standing wins.
  • To do that, you’ve got to find weapons
  • Kill people you see
  • Avoid danger.

How PUBG came into development

  • It started life as a mod for Arma 2
  • In this game PlayerUnknown himself (aka Brendan Greene) was creating what he wanted to be the definitive Battle Royale experience.
  • He then co-developed H1Z1: King of the Kill
  • This was a similar concept for the zombie survival game H1Z1
  • Later on it moved to Bluehole Inc to work on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


  • BATTLEGROUNDS takes place on different islands (maps)
  • The main island for BATTLEGROUNDS is called Erangel.
  • It is an abandoned Russian island where a military occupation was controlling the island.
  • The military occupation tested chemical/biological experiments on the islands population
  • After a resistance attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned.


Features in PUBG?

New 4×4 Map

  • Released in April 2018
  • It’s being regularly tested on the Experimental Test Server (not to be confused with the regular Test Server).
  • No news on dates for a full release
  • We can expect the development of this one to take a little longer.
  • Experimental Server grants such extreme early access to play the beta version .
  • It will allow you to gain first hand experience which are under development

Emote System

  • An emote is an entry in a text-based chat client that indicates an action taking place.
  • Unlike emoticons, they are not text art, and instead describe the action using words or images.
  • Gives mute players or players who simply don’t have mics a chance to communicate
  • It adds a bit of fun without killing PUBG’s hardcore tone.

PUBG_emotesNew Game Modes

  • Some of the newevent modes come in and out of rotation over the weekends
  • New Deathmatch style War mode snuck onto the custom game rotation, too!

New Vehicles and Weapons

  • Again no news on an official date for these
  • Given Bluehole’s penchant for releasing new content alongside new maps like Miramar

Oh, and that gun they teased? It’s called the SLR, and is a DMR which uses 7.62mm ammo, with 10 to a magazine or 20 when upgraded with an extended mag.


  • Achievements are now live on steam
  • You can view the PUBG Achievements list alongside with the Emotes mentioned above

Voice ChatsAcheivements

  • Voice Chats are live
  • Friends list lets you see the leaderboard of your friends

New Skins

  • Weapon and parachute skins are on their way, too.
  • It would look rather like what you’d expect from a game like Counter Strike: GO.
  • Their implementation and arrival in the real-world market is a little more tasteful.

Vehicle bullet penetration

  • Aimed at adding “new depth” in order “increase the realism of gameplay”
  • New penetration system will basically mean that you can get shot in the body as well as the head when you’re riding in vehicles.
  • Although vehicles are somewhat in buggy state are already death traps

Parachuting and armed combat overhaul

  • Combat overhauls were grouped in with parachuting
  • Parachutes are set to become more responsive

  • It is improving general aspects like stability over time
  • In the pursuit to combat cheaters and bugs in new patches

Sound improvements

  • Suspension and skidding sounds are the standouts for vehicle sound improvements
  • Rain and weather sounds on vehicle surfaces also sounds realistic
  • Gun sounds have been factored into this
  • Its distinctly different depending on your point of view, which should be handy
  • This change took place in May 2018, although PUBG Corp seemingly forgot to announce it at the time.
  • Player movement sounds are more about what equipment you’re carrying, as well as breathing sounds for different kinds of movement and aiming.


  • It lets you watch the person who killed you as they progress through the match.
  • Battleye integration
  • Character customization
  • Game replay 2D/3D (to see your full game in replay, see how you died, make machinimas, etc)

Other Items

  • Military in-game gear ranging from Backpacks, Helmets, One Piece Suits and Vests
  • Cosmetic Items ranging from Jackets, Masks, Glasses, Pants, Shoes, Shirts and more

Server Related Features

  • Ability to join disconnected matches.
  • PUBG Partners get their own custom servers
  • Partners only Discord server
  • Early access to new features

New capabilities

  • Ability to eject from the plane whenever you want.
  • All MOCAP animations
  • Colorblind support
  • NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlight support

Revised Maps

  • 3 maps; Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok
  • Solo, Duo, SQUAD and Zombies (custom servers).

Camera Modes

  • Spectating support for Team servers when you die
  • 1st person only & 3rd w/ 1st person availability servers.
  • Killcam for Solo game mode (it will NOT come to Duo or Squads)

Latest  Features

  • Revive downed teammates
  • Weapon customization

Features, coming soon?

  • Modding Support (create your own gamemodes, maps, etc)
  • Renting Servers (like in the Battlefield series)
  • Having any user create their own league.
  • 1 new map

Non-roadmap items/features

  • Single player (something like Watch Dogs)?
  • Here 4 – 5 of your friends play single player campaign set in the 70’s
  • They try and take back the island from the militia.

What can the player hold?

  • Depens on the players gear (vest 1 – 3 and backpack 1 – 3)
  • It can hold as much as you can carry in your slots.
  • A player can hold 2 primary weapons, 1 pistol, 1 melee weapon and grenades.
  • All weapons/items that are on the player or weapon itself don’t take up inventory space in your backpack.
  • You can have 1 grenade on your character, while any extra grenades you pick up take up space.

Game development

  1. Pre-Alpha (NDA) | June – September 2016
  2. Alpha (No NDA) | October – December 2016
  3. Closed Beta | February – March 2017
  4. Steam Early Access | March 23, 2017
  5. Xbox One Game Preview Release | December 12, 2017
  6. Full Release | December 21, 2017 Originally, the game was suppose to get out of EA in 6 months from March 23.
  7. Full Xbox One Release | Sometime in 2018
  8. PS4 Release | Sometime in 2018

PUBG on record breaking streak

PUBG recently broke the record for concurrent users on Steam, and according to Bluehole it has sold over 13 million copies. Expansion was inevitable. The biggest downside to this change, as far as I can see, is that we’ll all have to get around writing ‘PUBG developer PUBG.’

Success Stories

“Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds — anyone can watch that. It’s super simple: you get loot, the circle closes, and you have to kill people. In DOTA, you’ve got like 108 heroes. They’re all different. There’s different items too. So if you’re tuning in and you’ve never played DOTA, you won’t really know what’s happening.” as said by a top critic.

Where to buy PUBG from?

As of now, PUBG is only available via Steam. There’s no word on the possibility of a physical release right now, although it’s possible we’ll see a boxed copy when the game launches. Similarly, when it arrives on Xbox One, it will be digital only, but that’s not ruling out physical copies later down the line.



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