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secrecyApple always amazes the world with new inventions . It usually develops the earlier existing technologies for world to see

wwdc 2017 _ 2

WWDC 2017

The rumours that Apple developing an AR headset has been going on for too long.  But things heated up in June 2017, with the announcement of ARKit at WWDC 2017 making it clear that Apple is deeply interested in this area.

apple ar

Apple AR Kit

And no wonder: with Google and Microsoft developing AR devices Google Glasses and Microsoft Hollow respectively, it seems to be a party which Apple doesn’t want to miss out on.

By looking at the series of acquisitions done by Apple , claim becomes more concrete over the upcoming Apple Glasses.

Acquisitions by Apple hinting at possible Apple Glasses


The LuxVue Technology Corporation develops low-power, microLED-based displays for consumer electronics applications.

luxvue color conversion

Luxvue Color Conversion

luxvue color patent

Luxvue Color Patent


Apple has almost certainly acquired German computer vision company SensoMotoric Instruments, a provider of eye tracking glasses and systems, which can track people’s eye movements.

sensomotoric glasses2

Device in action


Apple acquired the startup Vrvana, which builds headsets that is capable of processing both VR and AR features.


Vrvana headset


It was a privately held Augmented Reality (AR) company that developed software technology and provided augmented reality solutions.

metaio                                                                                          Metaio


Apple has reportedly acquired Flyby Media, a startup that developed technology for mapping spaces using smartphones.Flyby Media develops next-generation consumer mobile social applications that connect the physical world.

flyby media

Flyby Media


From putting on board the features such as smart augmented reality glasses, smart directions , weather projected infront of your vision etc.

I have decided upon several names it can give to its augmented reality headset

  • iSight
  • EyePod
  • EyePhone
  • iGlasses
  • iWear

Never the first

It never releases a product which is a brand new concept . Instead it relies on previous market reviews of similar products as in case of Iphone in 2007 only after major companies have released their version of smartphone before.

Why Apple would make Glasses?

A progress is never a straight line. Nor it is absurdly randomised . But it follows a certain pattern.

a11 bionic chip

A11 Bionic Chip

iphone x

Iphone X







Even the Apple’s latest mobiles phones which include- the iPhone 8, 8 Plus,and the iPhone X – are well equipped for AR.They have A11 bionic chip, which enables AR processing. In iPhone X, the TrueDepth camera, can detect users’ facial expressions and thus collect the 3D data.

3d ui framework engineer

3D UI Framework Engineer

It has primitive prototypes launched already in its latest devices and are busy going through the reviews and feedbacks and improving them for future product , possibly AR enabled Apple Glass.

Apple is looking for going big into the AR field .Its recent job listing for a 3D UI Frameworks Engineer which requires augmented reality have surfaced now.

What is augmented reality?

ar headset

Augmented reality

Let’s first clear the distinction between AR and VR as many people gets confused over these two.

VR headsets are mounted on the head similar to Ski goggles.They completely block your outside world’s view . The It tracks your head movement and 3D image inside moves accordingly with the help of motion sensors fitted into the device.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, is a glass like device through which you can see across, but an image is also displayed in front of your eyes.

AR hit the headlines in recent years.Firstly Google Glass came which displays 2D images.

Next in the queue was Microsoft, who came out with device called HoloLens.Hololens embeds 3D images in the world around you.


microsoft hololens

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft’s HoloLens

Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses are already in the market. Anyone can buy them up for a price range between $3,000, or $5,000 .

google glass

Google Glass

Google Glass

As for Google Glass, development was halted back in 2015, but Google announced in 2017 that the Google Glass Enterprise Edition would be available for $1,828.

Apple website describe it as “Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real simply didn’t exist.Your classroom could become the cosmos. The past could be as vivid as the present. And this is just the beginning. Welcome to a new World”.

Examples of previous AR implementation

pokemon go

pokemon go2

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

This game grabbed the attention of millions of people around with its augmented reality features of Pokemon characters popping up onto the screen of users in the real time while moving the camera around the surroundings.


ikea furnitures

IKEA AR-enabled app


Next is the furniture giant, Ikea furnitures. It features augmented reality in its app from which you can place furnitures at different locations according to your choice and allowing you to manipulate the images of furniture on screen in realtime.


Lenskart AR enabled try-on feature


Next is the Lenskart ,a specs selling company which brought augmented reality into play by employing it to scan the face of user and then trying on different ranges of spects by moving their head in real time.

But unlike all these above examples , you don’t have to hold the device eithere it be your smartphone or tablet ( iPad ) in your hand. But instead you can wear a glass with a camera and other instruments embedded into in providing you with the data on the lens which will act as a screen.

Google glasses features:
Tilt 30 degrees and then say OK glasses or push a button on the glass. It failed due to being expensive, poorly marketed.

Probable Release Date

If there is any company that could make any tool for you to wear, it is Apple.
Perfect year to release it maybe 2020 as 20/20 is perfect vision for hindsight2020

Why now?

technology follows graph

Graph which follows wave of technological advancement

Technology arrives in waves.(See the graph)


First a lot of hype is there in the market , so it becomes easy to gain more early adopters in the beginning phase after launch of a technology.

Then after few days more common public begin adopting the technology , leading to the widespread publicity of product.

And finally , even the critics adopt the technology. Hence the product finally reaches to the masses.

Features in Apple Glass

1.Bright High Density Display

It has to work on the Bright High Density Display same as microLED already under development.

bright high density display

Bright High Density Display

2. Unnoticable camera

Camera has not to be too creepy to make it looking at your face awkward while wearing it.

sensomotoric glasses

Unnoticable camera to avoid awkwardness

3. Faster processing with small bionic chips

To depend on smartphone is not a good idea. So to replace it before other brands do, it has to start building on its own.

a11 bionic chip2

Small powerful chips for faster processing


So let’s hope that Apple brings out it own version of AR- enabled glasses as soon as possible . Apple product revolutionises

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